V/A – Soundflat Records ballroom Bash Vol. 12 CD (SFR-CD-047)

1) Shake It Out                                          5) Out Of My Head
2) Nouvelle Vague (Vocal)                           6) Some Trouble
3) Trapit                                                    7) Keeping Me Down
4) Ride On Baby                                         8) Every Night
   9) My Gorilla                   13) I Am Great Ape                                        17) Le Netocrate
  10) Keven                       14) (Mighty Mighty) The Great Ape                   18) Intervention Horizontal
  11) Le Fil Des Jours         15) Manila Gorilla                                            19) Baleine Ou Cigogne
  12) Voodoo Working        16) Those Apes                                               20) Ouagadougou Blues

                                 LES SEPARATWISTS                THE BARKELLITERS
                                21) Istanbul Twist                       25) Let Me Hear You Say Woof
                                22) Melonball Twist                     26) Lost In Woof 
                                23) Positively Mortified
                                24) Ruby's Mood

Here comes the 12th edition of the Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash compilation CD – the “soundtrack” of our legendary annual label festival. Like every year, this CD contains songs (- partly previously unreleased!) by each of the bands playing at this wild festival in Cologne. This year the compilation features songs by THE GENTLEMEN’S AGREEMENTS, LES ENVAHISSEURS, KING CORNELIUS & THE
SILVERBACKS, LES SEPARATWISTS, THE HARA-KEE-REES, THE READY-MADES and THE BARKELLITERS. This CD is a fantastic item for your personal collection of Garage&Rock’n’Roll-memorabilia and souvenirs, but also a great selection of today’s 60’s Garage- and Beat-bands. A CD that shouldn’t be missing from your shelf!

THE GENTLEMEN’S AGREEMENTS – Wild Freakbeat/Mod-sound with a groovy organ
The Gentlement’s Agreements started in 2011 as a side project of five friends/musicians (members of Towerbrown, Sheetah Et Les Weissmüller, Penelope, The Fuggets and Les Braqueurs) – and what came out of it is a crazy and powerful Freakbeat/Mod-sound! Blue-eyed soul with a jazzy organ to shimmy and shake to!

LES ENVAHISSEURS Powerful 60’s GoGo Garage!
A combination of partly English, but mainly French male vocals and female (background) vocals harmonising with some wild guitars and keyboards add up to a fine 60s Garagerock with a French Yéyé-touch.

KING CORNELIUS & THE SILVERBACKS – Monkey Power-Pop-Garage-Pop-Punk directly from the Jungle!
One real monkey,
hunted and captured by a sturdy band known as THE SILVERBACKS will kick your ass with a brilliant fun surf-pop-punk-sound direct from the jungle! Chimpanzee Garage Pop-Punk meets Jungle R&B!

LES SEPARATWISTS – Sleazy Burlesque Tittyshaking R&R-Twist
LES SEPARATWISTS will take you on a journey through time with their exotic, seducing mix of instrumental 50s/60s Surf, R’n’B and Twist! A cool saxophone, twangy guitars and a hot rhythm from beginning to end!

THE HARA-KEE-REES – Raw mid-sixties Garage-Beat & Punk explosion Not only their live-shows are full of power due to their fuzz-guitarsound mixed in a cocktail of driving
organ, crying sax, wild bass and drum-rhythm and the top-noch vocals that will take you all to a manic, wild jump, jive and harmonise ecstasy.

THE READY-MADES – authentic 60’s R&B-Soul-Beat with unbelievably charming but powerful female vocals!
The Ready-Mades are the sensation of R&B and Soul heaven! This band knows how to get people to dance. They have the right mix of American black music of the 50s & 60s together with British Beat music and French YéYé sounds!

THE BARKELLITERS – Woof, Woof, Woof… … and I said Woof, from Woofsville!
The Barkelliters are four doggish Satelliters-Fans, who will cover some of their favourite songs by their favourite band, The Satelliters. A must for all “garage-dogs”! 100% trash-factor!


THE READY-MADES – Autogestion Sentimentale LP/CD (SFR-097 / SFR-CD-046)

A:                                  B:
Intervention Horizontale  (You'd Better) Watch Me
If I Can't Dance              Sophia Antipolis 
Lady Maddie                   Méta-Cigare
La Main Invisible             Where Am I Right Now?
Pretty Like A Truck          Bungalow 
Château Lascar               Ouagadougou Blues 


After their single releases “Cut And Run“(Soundflat Records) and “Ouagadougou Blues”(Burru Records) THE READY-MADES present their brand new album “Autogestion Sentimentale” on Soundflat Records. Powerful front-woman Barbara Stressante and her talented boys from Paris are THE sensation of R&B- and Soulheaven! They have just the right mix of American black music of the 50s & 60s together with British Beat music and French YéYé sounds! You will start dancing instantly once you play this record – if it is cool and classy French YéYé-tunes like “Intervention Horizontale” or “Sophia Antipolis”, hot R&Btunes like “Bungalow” or the jazzy instrumental “Château Lascar” with its dirty saxophone – this band will simply make you sweat with their groovy, perfectly arranged R&B-songs, all self-composed, and this incredibly soulful voice! “If I Can’t Dance” and “Where Am I Right Now?” will absolutely steal your breath while reminding you of a female version of NICK WATERHOUSE and the mindblowing “Ouagadougu Blues” will finally leave you with goosebumps all over. An authentic dark, soulish 60’s R&B-sound with a rhythmic beat, the perfect amount of French YéYé and outstanding songwriting!



THE KAISERS – Ruff’n’Rare 10″/CD (SFR-10-005 / SFR-CD-045)

A:                                              B:
Treble Twist                                Cavern Stomp
Skinny Minnie                             Nadine
Little Devil                                  Ya Ya
Angel Of Love (Spanish Version)   Just A Littel Bit
New Orleans                               Sally Sue Brown


THE KAISERS are a four piece group from Scotland who are hailed as the stomping-est Beat group since Rory Storm first wrecked the stage at the Kaiser-Keller. Taking their inspiration from legendary feats of entertainment such as THE BIG THREE, KINGSIZE TAYLOR AND THE DOMINOES and THE UNDERTAKERS, their set consists of breathtaking “cult status” original songs along with re-workings of Rhythm & Beat favourites and obscurities. Over their 26 year long career the group have been prolific in writing, recording and releasing 6 LPs, a dozen EP’s, 4 45rpms as well as appearing on numerous compilations. Their writing and performance skills have won praise and admiration globally – they have played sessions for BBC DJs John Peel & Mark Radcliffe, appearances on UK and USA television, as well as recently being listed number 10 of the “TOP 20 Best Scottish Indie Rock Bands of the 1990s” Here comes their new 10” and CD “Ruff’n’Rare” on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS, which consists of ten unreleased outtakes and alternative versions from studio sessions between 1993 and 2000, all of which were recorded by Liam and James Watson at the famous Toerag Studios in London and Chamber Studios in Edinburgh.



THE FADEAWAYS – Transworld 60’s Punk Nuggets! LP (SFR-096)

A:                                B:
Sorry                           Test Driver 
I Don't Care                  Lie, Beg, Borrow & Steal 
Shake It Some More      Nothin' 
Things She Says            I'll Be Doggone 
Little Lover                    How Do You Feel 
Born Loser                     Midnight To Six Man 
We're Pretty Quick          I'm Just A Mops

After their raving debut album “Teenage Hitsville” the wild garagepunk-trio from Tokyo THE FADEAWAYS have a new vinylic gem to offer: “Transworld 60’s Punk Nuggets” is THE FADEAWAYS playing a selection of their own favourite garagepunk classics and interpreting them in their raw, low-fi, powerful way.

As soon as you put the needle on the record it’s impossible to sit still while absorbing this raw energy coming from the speakers! Starting with “Sorry” (originally by THE EASYBEATS), which alongside “Midnight to Six Man” (originally by THE PRETTY THINGS) was actually one of the first songs the band used to practice when they first started playing together, the album presents you with 100% wildness from beginning to end. With “I’m Just a Mops” (THE MOPS) and “Test Driver” (THE BUNNYS) they also added two brilliant Japanese 60’s classics.

These boys obviously not only have great taste in music, but they definitely also know how to deliver it!



THE REVOX – In Mono LP (SFR-095)

A:                           B:                                       
Father in Low          Axis
Gloria Stompers     Never Ending Trip
Three For Love       She's So Fine
I Need Love             Hey Joe
Out Of My Mind  Beyond The Dreams Of My Youth

Hailing from the steepest Alpine summits of Switzerland, THE REVOX are here to deliver 10 new stomping pieces of wild Rock & Roll and are ready to kick you in the most sensible parts of your anatomy!!!

Recorded and mixed at the all-analog Shirts Off Studio in Bern by the talented Sebastian Zwahlen along with the tedious production talents of Robert Butler, plus equalization and mastering perfection by the mysterious Adi Flück from Centraldubs in Bern – this LP will certainly make you dance, unless you got no soul.

THE REVOX are musically oriented towards the mid-sixties – their trademark is raw, fuzzy Garage punk with screaming vocals and pure energy. After their first two albums “The Revox Vol.1“ and “Lazy Sunshine“ and most recently their wild 7“ “Talk About Her“ (out on VOODOO RHYTHM
RECORDS), their latest LP “In Mono“ (released on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS) continues that very trademark-sound. A wild, punky coverversion of the classic “Hey Joe“ bearing a touch of Arthur Lee’s LOVE marks the sole exception among otherwise all originals. If it is the catchy “Father in Low“, the fiery “I Need Love“ or the multi-faceted “Axis“ – the trio sure knows how to make great music!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic album and be prepared to go on a wild journey with these boys !



LES ENVAHISSEURS – Garage Monkeys LP (SFR-094)

A:                                  B:

House of Evil                   Fonzambow
En Retard                       (Comme) Tourgueniev
Je Ne Crois Pas               Le Fil Des Jours
My Gorilla                       Ottawa
Chaque Chaque Fois        (Je Me Croyais) Mod
La Nuit Du Sadique          Tu Le Sens Mon Beat
                                                                         Trop Snob

After their first 7” “Do The Fonz!” out on AVE THE SOUND the Canadian LES ENVAHISSEURS now release their debut album “Garage Monkeys” on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. You can expect a combination of partly English, but mainly French male vocals and female (background) vocals harmonising with some wild guitars and keyboards that add up to a fine 60s Garagerock with a French Yéyé-touch.

High energy and intense personae on stage, intelligent lyrics and a perfect chemistry make the unique sound and presence of LES ENVAHISSEURS which tranlate directly to their record.

The album consists of 11 originals and two fantastic covers – “La Nuit Du Sadique”, a fabulous French version of the Back from the Grave-classic “Night of the Sadist”, originally by LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES, and “Trop Snob” – their very own French version of THE SEEDS‘ “Pushin‘ Too Hard”. Yet, their own compositions on the album are just as catchy and wild: if it is crazy songs like “House of Evil”, “Ottawa” with its BO DIDDLEY-kind of beat or wild Songs like “Tu Le Sens Mon Beat” – these tunes are just perfect to (Go-go-)dance to! Matching the band’s name LES ENVAHISSEURS (“The Invaders” in English), they even add a futuristic organ 60s-space-sound here and there.

Make sure to catch these incredible boys and girls on stage and on record – they will certainly blow your mind!



KING CORNELIUS & THE SILVERBACKS – Swinging Simian Sounds LP/CD (SFR-093 / SFR-CD-044)

A:                                   B:
Chimps In Space              Manila Gorilla
I Am Great Ape                Simian Shake
Tabu                               I'm A Monkey
Cthulhu                           Apes Of Wrath
Gorilla Milk                      Those Apes
The Only Ape In Space     (Mighty Mighty) The Great Ape 
                                      (I'll Show You How To) Misbehav 

From deep within the jungle comes KING CORNELIUS, tracked, hunted and captured by a sturdy band known as THE SILVERBACKS. Working together, they have combined the sounds of the jungle, the jet set and the space age using tones taken from the surf and the garage.

Their debut album “Swinging Simian Sounds” absolutely catches this sound combination – starting off with the fun surf-pop-punk-tune “Chimps in Space” the record grabs you instantly and literally makes you go ape! You get a cool instrumental surf tune “Tabu” with chimpanzee sounds on the one hand and mental garage-punk songs like “I’m a Monkey” on the other. Not least, you will find the beautiful, dreamy ballad “Only Ape in Space” that rounds up the Album perfectly.

Be prepared for the rites of passage to the hidden listening pleasures of „Swinging Simian Sounds“ and all it has to offer to the willing and the ready.

You’ll never look at a monkey the same way again!