WINSTONES – Sunshine City LP

A:                                          B:
Get Carter Theme                    Lady Day And John 
Ain't It A Sin Coltrane
Somebody Stole My Thunder Down Home Girl Bring It On Home To Me Me And You Doin' The
Sweeter Than The Day Before Boogaloo 8 Days On The Road You Didn't Know It But
I Was Born To Lose Out You Had Me
The Dark End Of The
Funky Street
A.J. The Housefly

Tokyo-based Garage-Soul band WINSTONES finally release their debut album and while the CD-version is released by Radio Underground Records, the LP-version is released by Soundflat Records sister-company Topsy-Turvy Records! Over the past decade these four boys have played in numerous garage/punk/rock-bands (including legendary punk-rock band Teengenerate) before they formed this new musical project moving towards a funky, soulful New Orleans-R&B-influence, yet keeping their punk’n’roll-wildness to their sound.

These four Japanese boys sure have a lot of soul in their veins; their album “Sunshine City” consists of 14 cover versions of soul/R&B-classics. “Ain’t It A Sin” (Charles Bradley) gets you into the cool groove of the record right away and you’ll find yourself moving along to the rhythm and chanting along to the classic mod hymn “Somebody Stole My Thunder” (originally by Georgie Fame) or uptempo soul stomper “I Was Born To Lose Out” (James & Bobby Purify) or their version of “Down Home Girl” (Alvin Robinson). Unique screaming vocals by singer Motor Ken and the band’s refined sound take you through their versatile selection of tunes, that one cannot get enough of!



A:                                   B:
Rock'n'Roll Hurricane        Mary K 
Loveless Nights                A Way Or Another 
Mandarin A-GOGO            New Keys To Your Heart 
War Song                         Peking Vampire 
Growing Apart                  Good Night Margareten 
                                       I'll Be Waiting (feat. The Side

THE SINO HEARTS are a fabulous 70s Punk PowerPop/Garage-band based in in Peking, China. After releasing their debut album “Leave the world behind” on Monster Zero Records in Europe, Target Earth Records in Japan and Ruby Eyes Records in P.R. China, they went on
tour through Europe two times and played all over China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea sharing the stage with bands like RADIO BIRDMAN, SUPERSPAZZ and many other Rock’n’Roll groups all over the world.

Their second album “Mandarin A-GOGO” was recorded and produced in Austria, especially mixed and mastered on a vintage analogue tape machine. The album contains 10 fantastic new songs, musically among 60s Garage,70s Punk/Powerpop,Neo Mod and other outdated guitar romantics. These Chinese punkers are just incredible and will absolutely blow your minds with their powerful, fun music!


Human Toys – Spin To Win LP

A:                                   B:
Don't Bury Your Dead        Dorothy Green
Secret Girl                        Let's Get High 
Don't You Piss Me Off        Centipede 
Plate In My Head              No Money No Job
Doomsday Device             You're Like A Disease
I'm In The Band               What Part Of No
Trashman                        Church of Lux
He Said Yeah

They are sexy, they are powerful, they are subversive! HUMAN TOYS is a raw punk rock duo with female vocals.

Poupée Mecanik (vocals, theremin) has a penchant for playing with female archetypes : subversion is the name of the game, flavored with a generous dose of irony.
The arrival of guitarist Jon Von, ex-Rip Offs, has transformed the band with an all-new set of punk rock somewhere between the Ramones and the Avengers !
On the forthcoming LP on Topsy-Turvy records (a division of Soundflat), the songs draw on subjects from B-movies, drugs and perversion to politics, sexism and gender freedom.

HUMAN TOYS have musically reformed since their previous record “Excuse My French” on Records Ad Nauseam and while one may find a lot less electronic/electroclash-influence in their music now, there is definitely a higher dose of wild punkrock! Whoever has had the pleasure to witness one of their fantastic live-shows around the world so far knows that they deliver full-on power and punkrock energy with a tough and seductive attitude.


LES ROBOTS – The Sound Of The Middle East 7″

A:                                   B:
Cameltoe A GoGo             Invasion Of The Ara-Bots 

LES ROBOTS are mechanical men from outer space, presumably programmed by legendary producer Joe Meek to make astonishing instrumental music! With two 7”s and an LP released on SPAZZ Records plus several outstanding live-shows from outta space, the musical duo (or quartet in live-shows) now delivers something oriental – their latest 7” released by TOPSY-TURVY-RECORDS (Soundflat Records daughter-label) invites you on a musical spaced-out magic-carpet-ride!

Listening to “Cameltoe A Go-Go” you can almost hear the camels grooving through the moon-desert while being hypnotised by belly-dancing genies; this song is absolutely enchanting! The B-side “Invasion Of The Ara-Bots” musically revives adventures of 1001 Nights; it’s a dramatic, exotic surf through space. You can still hear their strong musical influences of the instrumental 60s (The Shadows, The Ventures, Link Wray) that are taken to an oriental future this time in a brilliant way!



A:                                   B:
Between The Lines           Shooting For The Stars 

Martin Savage & the Jiggerz are a supergroup international power trio!

We have the French-Japanese rhythm section from King Salami & the Cumberland Three, Eric Baconstrip (The Ulcers, Parkinsons, Paul Collins Beat, The Nips) & Kamikaze U.T., who also played in the Chinese Lungs together, teaming up with their old pal, Sweden’s garage-punk legend, Martin Savage (The Blacks, the Locomotions, Tokyo Knives, and a dozen more…). With the Jiggerz’ second single, shortly released after their first 7” “Time To Get Out” on Folc Records, they give you two 1970’s punk rock hits, simple, fast & straight to the point, the way it should be.

Both songs “Between The Lines” and “Shooting For Stars” are fast, loud and out-of-control wild 77 punkrock-songs to go wild to with killer guitars, absolutely mental drums and snotty, cool vocals!

Martin Savage & The Jiggerz are pure dynamite!

THE MOONRITE – Let Me Be Your God LP

A:                                   B:
The Black Mirror               The Witch Is Back 
The Soul Transfer             House Of Glass 
Let Me Be Your God          The Black Mass (Part 1) 
The Initiation Ceremony    The Black Mass (Part 2) 

Heavily attracted by the mix of genres “gothic/pop/psychedelic”, the two brothers from Grenoble, France (including Yann Cracker from TOWERBROWN and THE GENTLEMEN’S AGREEMENTS) play dark
and groovy music, that sounds like a gloomy hippie trip interpreted with an original organ/drum line up. After their fantastic debut album, the duo further developed their sound and now serves us their
second LP “Let Me Be Your God”. Their sound has become even darker and, just like the artwork its covered in, more occult while adding synthesizer and slightly descending musically from the 60s towards the 70s and 80s. This development makes it belong a bit better to the new SOUNDFLAT RECORDS-daughter-label TOPSY-TURVY-RECORDS that is open to a broader musical field than your 60s-Garage/Beat-label SOUNDFLAT RECORDS.

While hit-songs like the title-song “Let Me Be Your God” or “The Witch Is Back” (which was previously released on 7” by TOWERBEATS RECORDS) sound a lot like the debut-album, it is especially non-vocal-songs like “The Soul Transfer” or “The Initiation Ceremony” that remind one of dark spaced-out movie-soundtracks from the mid- to late-seventies. The brothers included one fantastic cover version of “House of Glass” (originally by THE GLASS FAMILY ELECTRIC BAND) among otherwise self-composed, very powerful, dark and captivating songs.

MOONRITE have an absolutely unique sound that is so powerful, that you will find yourself wondering how on earth it can be just the two of them creating such a rich and fantastic sound! Make sure to listen to this fantastic, almost epic album that displays outstanding songwriting and music!

THE BONESHAKERS – Shake Baby Shake 7″

A:                           B:
Shake Baby Shake    These Boots Are Made For Walking

With the record-launch of THE BONESHAKERS‘ very first 7” “Shake Baby Shake”, the brand-new division of SOUNDFLAT RECORDS, „TOPSY TURVY RECORDS” is born! The record label aims to focus on great Rockabilly, Punk, Alternative and independent music, so THE BONESHAKERS, combining
acoustic Rockabilly with Rock’n’Roll classics, oldschool R&B and their own fresh interpretation, represent an ideal first release!

The acoustic-trio with an unmistakable, powerful voice of frontwoman and stand up drummer Boney Shaker, guitarist Schorni Walker (The Sewer Rats/Kannentime Records) and double bassist Puck Lensing (Frantic Flinstones, The Offenders) started off two years ago when they quickly made the streets, bars and clubs in Germany dance, shake and sing along to their fantastic live-shows. Now they present to you two fabulous songs on vinyl.

Recorded live, the BONESHAKERS celebrate their openness and love for Rock’n’Roll with a driving acoustic Rockabilly-sound. The A-side-song „Shake Baby Shake“, has by now established itself as the band’s very own theme-song, after countless wild live-shows made a cheering crowd sing and dance along! The B-side displays the trio’s very own version of NANCY SINATRA’s hit „These Boots Are Made For Walking“, interpreted in an acoustic-Rockabilly-way with “tough girl”-vocals.

“Shake Baby Shake“ is much more than a slogan – as soon as you put this 45 on the decks, party-time is guaranteed!