Topsy-Turvy Records

(a division of Soundflat Records)

Under our brand new sublabel Topsy-Turvy Records, we will release vinyl LPs, 7″es, CDs etc. whose musicstyles/sounds are not typical for Soundflat Records, but sound so great that we definitely have to do a release!

But be assured, we would never release stuff we are not 100% behind. So under our sublabel Topsy-Turvy Records you will find upcoming releases of great Rockabilly, Punk, Alternative and true independent music!

LPs/CDs 7″es and EPs



THE Sino Hearts – Phantome Rhapsody LP (TTR-024)


THE ROUTES – Reverberation Addict LP (TTR-023)


THE SUTTLES – Third Stroke LP (TTR-022)


MOVIE MOVIE – Storyboards LP/CD (TTR-021/TTR-CD-003)


MOPHING PEOPLE – mppp LP / CD (TTR-020 / TTR-CD-002)


THE SILLY WALKS – Trash Attack LP (TTR-019)


LES ROBOTS – Exploring The Boundaries Of The Multiverse double-LP (TTR-018)


THE SINO HEARTS –  Lightening The Darkness LP (TTR-017)


THE ROUTES – Twang Machine LP (TTR-016)


LOS DAYTONAS – Troublemaker LP (TTR-015)


THE PARTNERS IN CRIME – Chain Breakers LP (TTR-014)


THE BONESHAKERS – Off The Cuff LP/CD (TTR-013 / TTR-CD-001)


THE KRONTJONG DEVILS – Music From The Stars LP (TTR-012)


THE SUTTLES – Stories LP (TTR-011)


RAZERBILLS – Omniscient Omnipotent Omnipresent LP (coloured) (TTR-010)


SAKURAN ZENSEN – Ore Wa Sakuran Zensen Da!! LP (TTR-009)


THE MIGHTY GORDINIS – Sounds From A Distant Galaxy LP (coloured) (TTR-008)


SALAMI SUX – Salami Sux & Roll Vol. 1 LP (coloured) (TTR-007)


SALAMI SUX – s/t LP (coloured) (TTR-006)


THE ROUTES – Shake Five LP (TTR-005)


WINSTONES – Sunshine City LP (TTR-004)


THE SINO HEARTS – Mandarin A Go-Go LP (TTR-003)

Human Toys – Spin To Win LP (TTR-002)


THE MOONRITE – Let Me Be Your God LP (TTR-001)




7″es and EPs


THE 50/50’s –  Holiday 7″ (TTR-45-006)




LES ROBOTS – Extracts From The Multiverse EP (TTR-45-004)


LES ROBOTS – The Sound Of The Middle East 7″ (TTR-45-003)


MARTIN SAVAGE AND THE JIGGERZ –  Between The Lines 7″ (TTR-45-002)


THE BONESHAKERS – Shake Baby Shake 7″ (TTR-45-001)