SAKURAN ZENSEN – Ore Wa Sakuran Zensen Da!! LP (TTR-009)

A:                                                           B:
Don Dor . London Boots
Rock & Roll Taxi Man
Hammer Matatabi
Blue Curry & Rice
My Harp Monkey O Mankey
Boy Meets Boys

SAKURAN ZENSEN is an explosive rock band hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Consisting of five members all born in 1998, the band’s mix of raucous punk with garage rock/rock ’n‘ roll-inspired songwriting has garnered significant buzz in the Japanese underground rock scene which has been spreading continuously all around the world.

Their smashing debut album “Ore Wa Sakura Zensen Da” was released on CD by SONY MUSIC JAPAN and now also on LP by TOPSY-TURVY RECORDS (division of SOUNDFLAT RECORDS).
Alongside their totally out-of-control and brilliant punkrock hits “Rock & Roll” and “Taxi Man”,which already gained popularity through their vibrant music videos attracting hundreds of thousands of views on social media, you can find nothing but wild and powerful, yet melodic pop-punk-tunes on this album, with just enough Japanese craziness and lo-fi garage energy to go wild to! While “London Boots” reminds one a bit of a faster and rougher Japanese homage to LINK WRAY’s ”Jack The Ripper”, the album also includes melodic pop-punk tunes such as “Don Dor“, “Matatabi“ and “Boy Meets Boys“. However, the catchy “My Harp”, “Blue“, “Hammer“ or “Curry & Rice“ are straightforward high-energy-punk-tunes to fall in love with immediately.

SAKURAN ZENSEN can be compared to a young, highly exciting and very Japanese version of THE HIVES – loud, fast, out-of-control high-energy-punk’n’roll straight from Japan!


THE SMOGGERS – Funeral LP (SFR-120)

A:                                                           B:
When You Hold Me Dracula Is Alone
Gente Fea Un Día Gris
Bikers In Hell Mr. Jekyll & Hyde
Tu Sombra 99th Floor
All The Time Psychotic Fear

Wir haben großartige Neuigkeiten direkt aus der Garage für euch: Spaniens wilde Garagenpunker THE SMOGGERS haben wieder mal einen neue Vinyl-Attraktion voll von Garagepunk-Hits für euch! Ihre achte LP
„Funeral”, und damit bisher vierte auf SOUNDFLAT RECORDS, ist nun frisch veröffentlicht! Nach ihrem 13-
jährigen Jubiläums-Best-Of-Album auf DEAD BEAT RECORDS im vergangenen Jahr waren die Dame und Herren
weiter fleißig damit beschäftigt, neue Songs zu schreiben und aufzunehmen und das Resultat kann sich definitiv
sehen lassen!

Die ausgefeilte Produktion trägt dazu bei, dass auf diesem Album neue Sound-Strukturen zu hören sind –
natürlich immer mit viel Fuzz. Die Band hat hierauf einen Schritt in Richtung härteren Garagenpunk gewagt und
somit ihre klassischen Moody-Gitarrenklänge ein wenig hinter sich gelassen, wie wir sie von ihren vorhergehenden Aufnahmen gewohnt sind. Anas rasende Vox-Orgel und Fernandos progressiver und harter,
aber zugleich melodischer Gesang kombiniert mit rockendem Beat ziehen sich durch das gesamte Album,
welches sich durchweg unter Strom und mit hoher Ohrwurm-Gefahr präsentiert. Es finden sich acht geniale
SMOGGERS-Originale neben zwei Covern der beiden 60’s-Klassiker und All-Time-Faves „99th Floor” (The MovingSidewalks) und einer spanischen Version von „Hang Up” (The Wailers).

Mit dieser LP begraben Leadsänger Fernando und seine SMOGGERS ihre ehemals etwas ruhigeren Sounds in
einer explosiven, leicht schaurigen und psychedelischen Beerdigung, die einen zur dunklen und wilden Seite
des Rock’n’Roll transportiert


THE MIGHTY GORDINIS – Sounds From A Distant Galaxy LP (coloured) (TTR-008)

A:                                                           B:
A Thousand Silver Sun Gun Powder On Your Collar
There Is No Such Thing As A Former KGB Man Trapped Like Rats In A Maze
Jaguar Hunters And Headshrinkers Five Miles South Of Mumbai
Sounds From A Distant Galaxy U-Boat Attack
Shockwave Minnesota Twist
Grabuge A Khartoum A Quick Road To Trouble

The MIGHTY GORDINIS started out in the summer of 1998; their first two albums („Kiss my Wheels“ and „For Bosomaniacs Only“) were a mix of punky hot rods songs and surf instrumentals, while the third one „Fueled on Fuzz“ was fully instrumental and the last, in 2007, „The Future looks like yesterday“ a full vocal one.

After that, the four members went their own ways for a while before the 2020 MIGHTY GORDINIS-reboot with their new full instrumental album. The band is now reduced to two members Nico (ADOLPHE SEX ET SES MACHINES) on drums and Hammond and Eric St John (VICE BARONS, THE RATBOYS, THEE MARTIAN BOYFRIENDS, THE EVIL FUZZHEADS) on Fender Jaguar and bass.

The title of the album „Sounds From A Distant Galaxy“ reflects their new musical expansion of influences, exploring some grounds they never dared to go to before: they incorporated some kraut rock elements („Five Miles South of Mumbai“), some dub sounds („Grabuge A Khartoum“), some spy movie soundtracks („There Is No Such Thing As A Former KGB Man“) and even some cool groovy influences à la acid jazz, be it Corduroy or Mother Earth („Gun Powder On Your Collar“) – anything to keep them away from the traditional surf sound. That being said, they did include a couple of classic surf tracks like „Jaguar Hunters And Headshrinkers“ or the cover of „Shockwave“ (original by ZORBA & THE GREEKS). So this album, limited to 300 copies of coloured vinyl only, displays a very large palette of sounds made for the never ending listening pleasure of the broad minded groovy people.


SALAMI SUX – Salami Sux & Roll Vol. 1 LP (coloured) (TTR-007)

A:                                                  B:
Be So Cool Rainbow Eye 
White Skin I Wanna Be A Girl
I Don’t Wanna Be Learned Poo Poo Posting 
Summer Night Outs Death Tribute
Graue Stadt WhatsApp Group 
Sick Of You 1 m2 
Cemetary Stories What I Like 
Sleepwalking Cat Devil In My Neck 

The band project SALAMI SUX emerged from the boredom of the lockdown phase of the well-known little thing with 19. With a boisterous mix of punk, garage, rock’n’roll and surf, the trio from St. Pölten, Austria makes you sit up and take notice.

Lone fighter „Salami Recorder“ gives the songs a defined style with his incomparable singing and guitar playing. Bass man „Mots T. Sux“ is happy to leave his usual punk structures, which he has celebrated for years in bands like SKEPTIC ELEPTIC, DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA and THE ZSA ZSA GABOR‘S. Drummer boy „Thoms’n’Roll“, who was also active in the bands SKEPTIC ELEPTIC, DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA and ANSTALT, beats songs like „I Wanna Be A Girl “ or „Devil In My Neck“ with passion. Everything is recorded D.I.Y., although no one has a clue. Bad? Yes! That is good and deliberate!

The band recently released the album “Demo Tape” with 13 swinging and danceable hits, digitally and on cassette (limited to 99 copies only). Their musical debut doesn’t just prove successful, but is downright addictive, so that SOUNDFLAT RECORDS-divison TOPSY-TURVY RECORDS now follows with the double LP release of „Salami Sux“ and „Salami Sux ´n’ Roll Vol.1“, as first edition limited to only 300 copies of colored vinyl.

This second album by the Austrian punkrock-trio features the band’s RAMONES-tribute „I Don’t Wanna Be Learned“ (also part of Ramones-Tribute-Sampler „Let’s Tribute To Ramones“ (Kafadan Kontak Records, Turkey)) and guest-vocals by the legendary Wild Evel (THE INCREDIBLE STAGGERS, WILD EVEL & THE TRASHBONES).

Be prepared for 16 brandnew and out-of-control original tunes by exciting Austrian punkrocknewcomers SALAMI SUX on cool pink vinyl!


Salami Sux – s/t LP (coloured) (TTR-006)

A:                                                    B:
Wavegrave Lost But Found 
Wrong Train Leatherboys 
Water Fuzz Surf (Dirty Wave) 
The Romantic One Mustard Bastard 
Sun Is Killing Me Dove Hall 
My Dog Ran Away Heron Surf 
I Ran Away Watchin‘ Myself 
Please Do Some Real Music

The band project SALAMI SUX emerged from the boredom of the lockdown phase of the well-known little thing with 19. With a boisterous mix of punk, garage, rock’n’roll and surf, the trio from St. Pölten, Austria makes you sit up and take notice.

Lone fighter „Salami Recorder“ gives the songs a defined style with his incomparable singing and guitar playing. Bass man „Mots T. Sux“ is happy to leave his usual punk structures, which he has celebrated for years in bands like SKEPTIC ELEPTIC, DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA and THE ZSA ZSA GABOR‘S. Drummer boy „Thoms’n’Roll“, who was also active in the bands SKEPTIC ELEPTIC, DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA and ANSTALT, beats songs like „Sun is killing me“ or „I Ran Away“ with passion.

Everything is recorded D.I.Y., although no one has a clue. Bad? Yes! That is good and deliberate! Aside from being part of Ramones-Tribute-Sampler „Let’s Tribute To Ramones“ (Kafadan Kontak Records, Turkey) the band recently released the album “Demo Tape” with 13 swinging and danceable hits, digitally and on cassette (limited to only 99 copies). Their musical debut doesn’t just prove successful, but is downright addictive, so that SOUNDFLAT RECORDS-divison TOPSY-TURVY RECORDS now follows with the double LP release of „Salami Sux“ (vinyl-release includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks) and „Salami Sux ´n’ Roll Vol.1“, as first edition limited to only 300 copies of colored vinyl.

Be prepared for 15 out-of-control original tunes by exciting Austrian punkrock-newcomers SALAMI SUX on cool yellow vinyl!


THE FANTASTIC FELLINIS – Introducing The Fantastic Fellinis LP (SFR-119)

A:                                                         B:
Ultrasonic Superstar Nightmare 
Ring-a-lind Soul Of The Night 
Nothing But A Heartache Mr. Slick 
Taxi I’m Alive 
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue Buzz 

Evoking the reverberating vocals of a Motown hit, funky grooves of a ‘70s exploitation cinema
soundtrack, and tight fuzz guitars of a garage punk freakout, THE FANTASTIC FELLINIS are an
ultrasonic mod/soul pop explosion! Originating from the star-emblazoned, sleaze-worn sidewalks of
Hollywood, California, the FELLINIS’ sound storms in with a blend of vintage vibes and modern pop
When songwriter/musician Kenneth Wessel (KISS KISS BANG BANG, THE BEAT KILLERS, ELECTRIC
MIND MACHINE) was tasked to create a music score for the spaghetti western feature Incident at
Guilt Ridge, in the fall of 2018, he lassoed the film’s leading lady, songstress/actress Vitta Quinn
(Vitta In Vaudeville, Passenger Side, A Prayer for the Damned), to lay down vocals for the theme
song. The result was melodic magic and the dawn of THE FANTASTIC FELLINIS. Wessel and Quinn
began to craft a powerhouse set of unique original tunes and a few soaring covers of well-loved
songs by the likes of BOB DYLAN (“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”), THE FLIRTATIONS (“Nothing But A
Heartache”) and the classic “I’m Alive” (famously performed by DON FARDON).
In the spring of 2020, when legendary movie director Roger Corman announced his Corman
Quarantine Film Festival, the Fellinis met this lockdown film short challenge, producing a video for
their single “Nightmare.” The dazzling result was the impetus to record and complete a full-length LP. The FELLINIS soon found a home for this eclectic album at renowned garage-beat label SOUNDFLAT RECORDS, who would release their debut LP, “Introducing the Fantastic Fellinis”. As nightlife begins to reawaken across the globe, the FELLINIS are poised to hit the stage, forging a nouveau soul scene for believers in genre-bending retro “Ring-a-Lind.” Coming soon to a music hall near you…THE FANTASTIC FELLINIS!


THE ROUTES – Shake Five LP (TTR-005)

A:                                                         B:
Wasabi Attack Mongolian Chop 
Calimocho Stomp Concrete Boots 
Guitar Weirdo Tickler Of Fancies 
Shake Five Space Age Blues 
Fashion Victim Ant Hell 

Hot off the heels of the albums „Mesmerised“ (Bickerton Records) and „Instrumentals II“ (Groovie Records), both released in March 2021, THE ROUTES are going for third base (your musical third base that is), with another new album „Shake Five“. This fabulous record is released as an LP by Soundflat Records‘ sister-label TOPSY-TURVY RECORDS and the CD version with a different cover-artwork by DOUBLE CROWN RECORDS!

„Shake Five“ is a collection of ten instrumental guitar songs, inspired by LINK WRAY, ASTRONAUTS, DICK DALE, TRASHMEN and much more… Unlike the large majority of surf/instro bands out there today, THE ROUTES do their instros in raging red raw mono, amp buzz and all. The title track „Shake Five“ is a nod to DAVE BRUBECK’s „Take Five“, as it shares the same 5/4 time signature.

Everyone who digs THE ROUTES‘ fabulous instrumentals, will absolutely love their new album “Shake Five” that doesn’t just look stunningly stylish but also sounds it. Its exciting and versatile tunes make sure that not only surf- and instro-purists are completely swept off their feet!


THE CHICKENBACKERS – Crazy Night 7″ (SFR-45-056)

A:                                                         B:
Crazy Night Let’s Take A Chance

After their fabulous debut album „Yeh Right, Yeah!“ on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS, THE CHICKENBACKERS have a 7“ ready for you which is just as fantastic! Get ready for two great new songs with a refined BEATLESque Liverpool-sound.

The A-side „Crazy Night“ is just pure rock’n’roll! Their fantastic lead guitar is accompanied by a very
bluesy harmonica and results in fantastic Merseybeat at its very best!

„Let’s Take A Chance“ is the boys‘ personal cover version of the famous song „Renacerá“ by their favourite Spanish 60’s band THE BRINCOS. They wrote their own English lyrics for this version, which
are a response to this past crazy year we all had to deal with around the world.

This 7“ represents a bridge between THE CHICKENBACKERS‘ first LP and their upcoming one, they are currently working on and we can definitely look forward to, as it will be a true 60’s explosion!


CHILD OF PANOPTES – Walk With Me 7″ (SFR-45-055)

A:                                                         B:
Walk With Me Guess I Was Dreaming 

This fabulous new 7“ out on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS introduces CHILD OF PANOPTES, a new band from France whose musical style embodies the psychedelic era of the late 60‘s and early 70’s embracing British freakbeat, popsike and American garage-psych-rock.

The A-side “Walk With Me“ is the band’s smooth own composition with a groovy organ, dreamy reverbing vocals by moony singer Beatrice and a cool beat. A downright cool popsike-tune with subtle jazzy elements and a dreamlike aftertaste!
The B-side of this single is an absolutely stunning coverversion of THE FAIRYTALES‘ “Guess I Was Dreaming“ (broader known in the KINGSMEN-version of the song). Singer Beatrice sounds a bit like FABIENNNE DELSOL and is accompanied by a dark and sinister hammond organ and a lot of ARTHUR BROWN-like coolness in this amazing tune.

CHILD OF PANOPTES‘ debut release Walk With Me“ is a perfect mix of late 60’s psychedelia and jazzy 60s-hammond garage-rock with a modern approach that will blow your minds!


  THE FABULOUS HEYDAYS – Ladies & Gentlemen… LP (SFR-118)

A:                                                         B:
Sonic Landslide Cut From A Different Cloth 
Bow Down To The King Shot Down 
Hi-Heel Sneakers Hard Times 
Stale Coffee Assembly Line For The Stupid 
Pistol Packing Penny She Keeps On Runnin’ 

Finally, something wild and real has come back on the scene and they go by the name of THE FABULOUS HEYDAYS! They are an exciting 5-piece international band with members from Australia, the Netherlands and Greece, whose sole aim is to have a good old wild time. If you are bored with the current music scene and are looking for a new thrill, they are it. If you have a tiny bit of love in you for pure rock ‘n roll/garage music, check these guys out. If you miss the anticipation of seeing a band that fills the air with energy and a sense of danger, go see them live.

Yes, THE FABULOUS HEYDAYS know how to unleash 3-chord brilliance through exciting riffs, soulful singing, killer beats, vintage organ sounds, and bad-ass basslines. If this is your cup of tea, have a listen to their debut album “Ladies & Gentlemen..” which is out now on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed…

You can hear influences from the likes of the ROLLING STONES to the SONICS to OTIS all the way to DYLAN, from 50’s to punk to blues to 60’s garage. From wild hits like “Sonic Landslide” and “Cut From A Different Cloth” to the brilliant coverversion of the rock’n’roll-classic ”Hi-Heel Sneakers” – this album is full of electrifying big-beat performances injected with soulful, riveting, action-packed rock’n’roll-riffs to get addicted to.


 VELVET ATTACK – (She’s A) Human Doll 7″ (SFR-45-054)

A:                                                         B:
(She's A) Human Doll Dr. Jesus Gonzalez

VELVET ATTACK are a 60’s based indie-rock-group from Dortmund, Germany formed in November 2018 to play velvet popsike melodies boosted by prog/kraut educated guitar attacks. The five boys have been part of different musical projects (Jelly Planet, Damo Suzuki Band, Astra Kid, The Cheeks), which is reflected in their multi-layered, refined sound.

“(She’s A) Human Doll” is their very first release, an incredible 7” limited to 300 copies only.

The melodic title song is an absolutely infectious, catchy tune with a strong beat and rocking guitar that display singer Kono’s cool vocals, emphasised by harmonic background vocals.

The B-side “Dr. Jesus Gonzalez” sounds, however no less exciting – beautiful, psychedelic guitars and dreamy vocal harmonies mark a brilliant flipside to the hit-like title-song.

These boys just nail that perfect late 60’s British freakbeat-sound and transfer it right to the year 2021!

These two songs are an exciting foretaste to hopefully many more velvet attacks in the future!


SHUTDOWN 66 – Come On Girl Gimme Half A Chance LP (SFR-117)

A:                                                         B:
Crashdown Day Started Over 
You’re Killing Me Down Julie 
I Dig The Way You Put Me Down In This Town 
Come On Girl Gimme Half A Chance I Saw Something Good (I Had To Make It Bad) 
Our Love Is Gone Wallpaper Man
I Don’t Wanna Cry The Saddest Girl 
Too Many Women And Not Enough Lies 

Melbourne’s legendary neo-garagepunkers SHUTDOWN 66 are back again! Featuring members of THE BREADMAKERS, HEKAWIS, THE PURITANS and DRIVEWAY SERVICE these boys have created their own unique and mindblowing sound, strongly influenced by 60’s garagepunk and British R&B, that has a worldwide fanbase. Between 1998 and 2004 they released four smashing albums and several singles and split-singles on  CORDUROY RECORDINGS – all of which sold out long ago; while GET HIP RECORDINGS reissued their debut album “Welcome To Dumpsville” the other albums are hard to come by. Now SOUNDFLAT RECORDS wants to make sure that their fourth album “Come On Girl Gimme Half A Chance” (originally limited to only 100 copies) is available again, seeing that it is our mission to keep providing you with the best of today’s garagepunk and this album definitely is among the essential must-haves.

You get that premium stomping garagepunk with a strong R&B-infusion flaunting dirty fuzz-guitars, the right amount of farfisa-organ and harmonica, and of course singer Nicky Shutdown’s cool, screaming voice!

While the catchy “You’re Killing Me Down” and “In This Town” remind one of 80’s-garagepunkers THE MIRACLE WORKERS and snotty songs like “I Dig The Way You Put Me Down” and “I Saw Something Good (I Had To Make It Bad)” go more in the raw, punky direction best compared to bands like THE GRUESOMES and with “I Don’t Wanna Cry” and “The Saddest Girl In The World” they also added moody garage-rock-songs.

An absolutely stunning garagepunk-album, indispensable to any good record collection!


THE MERGEERS – Three Apples In The Orange Grove LP / CD (SFR-116 / SFR-CD-051)

releasdate: 26.06.2021

A:                                    B:
Outta My Way Better Days 
Herman Maybe All You Need Is Time 
Seekin’ For The Light End Of The Day 
In Course Of Time Right As Rain 
Till You Get Me Sold Down The River 
Dear Ms Allen Win Hands Down 

After three fabulous digital single-releases in advance, here comes the eagerly awaited third album by THE MERGERS! While their smashing debut album “Monkey See, Monkey Do!” sold out in no time and the four boys from Nuremberg delivered mindblowing live-shows all over Germany, Europe and even during a two-week-long tour through Japan, they also released their fantastic second album “With A Carrot And A Stick”. With their songwriting and arrangement strongly influenced by British rock- and popculture, THE MERGERS capture their audiences not only on stage, but also attract an international fanbase that is completely addicted to their recordings. It goes without saying that for SOUNDFLAT RECORDS once again there was absolutely no question about releasing the band’s third album (LP, CD and digital release) “Three Apples In The Orange Grove”.

The record’s very first song “Outta My Way” is pretty similar to what you might expect from your favourite German beat-quartet THE MERGERS – a smashing hit-title, that is extremely catchy with powerful guitars and a spot-on beat. Yet, it becomes clear very soon, that this album differs quite a bit from its predecessors. The songs invite to dive into a psychedelic, dreamy and very refined musical symphony. Paisley-pop-tunes like “Herman”, “Right As Rain” and “Maybe All You Need Is Time” mix with beautiful ballads like “In Course Of Time” or “Win Hands Down”, the Britpop-hymn “Better Days” sounding like it should be an OASIS-hit, and wilder, rockin’ tunes like “End Of The Day” and “Mauerpark”.

With this album it seems the boys from Nuremberg have immersed themselves in the British sound of the late 60’s and merged psychedelic freakbeat-sounds with their own, unique and timeless, fresh songwriting. With beautiful vocal harmonies and lots of reverb as well as an expansive array of swirling guitars, their sound comes across almost dreamlike, reminding one of bands like TEMPLES, TAME IMPALA, JACCO GARDNER or FOGBOUND.

THE MERGERS’ third album “Three Apples in the Orange Grove” may be somewhat of a musical surprise – however in the best way possible!


THE HECK – Heck Yeah!! LP (SFR-115)

A:                                    B:
Move! Fight Tonight 
City Trash Hit Me, Hit Me, Hit Me 
Shit On The Radio Hate It Here 
Chance To Change Song In My Head 
Let Me Through Heck Yeah!! 
Hectic Lifestyle No, No, No 
Guilty Thin Line 

“Heck Yeah!!” – this is the spectacular second album by the Dutch 60’s garagepunk-trio THE HECK around leadsinger and musical mastermind Henri Keefman (DE KEEFMEN, SENSATIONAL SECOND COUSINS). Expect full-on punkrock-tunes with catchy songwriting at maximum energy!

After their smashing debut album “Who? The Heck!!!” (DIRTY WATER RECORDS) and some legendary (international) live-shows, where they shared the stage with the likes of THE SONICS, the boys released three limited singles prior to their second album in coloured vinyl (SOUR BOMB RECORDS) to give us a first taste of what to anticipate on this explosive record.

Side A is definitely the more melodic side. It contains their hit singles “Move!” and “Shit On The Radio”, accompanied with new hit tunes like “Hectic Lifestyle” and “Let Me Through”. The organ is back as well and wails smoothly on “City Trash” and “Guilty”. Side B kicks off ferociously with “Fight Tonight” and “Hit Me, Hit Me, Hit Me!” They continue full speed, kicking you right in the keister with title track “Heck Yeah!!” and give everything one more time with “No, No, No” before they close the deal with the full acoustic tearjerker “Think Line”.

Musically the band still goes somewhere between the SONICS and REIGNING SOUND. But they dare to catch some energy of other groups like THE HIVES as well, while never losing their main focus: writing future sixties pop classics, served with the power and intensity of punk. This new record makes them really interesting to listen to and every ingredient is included to make it a true classic in the scene or even beyond that.

Available on limited glow in the dark vinyl (100 copies) and regular black wax


THE WYLDE TRYFLES – Fuzzed and Confused LP (SFR-114)

A:                                    B:
Gonna Miss Me Creepy Thing
My ConFuzzion Don't Miss The Deadline
Drive Me Crazy Hard Time
Enough (I Open My Eyes) Just Wanna Make Love To You
Out Of Sight Get Outta My Way
What's Wrong With You?

The WYLDE TRYFLES sound wild and out of control, playing their modern take on ultra-fuzzed 60s garage-punk, full of snotty garage vocals, screams, back from the grave vibes and hypnotic dangerous beat!
The sound of their new LP “Fuzzed And Confused” is a continuous wave of influences from 60s and 80s garage punk area, such as The SHADOWS OF KNIGHT, COUNT FIVE, The CYNICS, The TELL-TALE HEARTS, The PANDORAS and, of course, The SONICS! Just the way you like your daily dose of fuzz! If it’s the smashing garagepunker “Gonna Miss Me”, the dark yet wild and surfy “Creepy Thing”, their fuzzed-up version of 60s-garagepunker “My Confusion” by THE ELITE or sexy-wild cover of MUDDY WATERS-classic “I Just Wanna Make Love To You” -THE WYLDE TRYFLES combine a punky fuzzguitar, crazy organ, a lot of energy and wylde reverberating female vocals by powerful frontwoman Lubna Bangs.

They are wild and groovy, their beat gives an immediate need to dance all night long!


WINSTONES – Sunshine City LP (TTR-004)

A:                                          B:
Get Carter Theme                    Lady Day And John 
Ain't It A Sin Coltrane
Somebody Stole My Thunder Down Home Girl Bring It On Home To Me Me And You Doin' The
Sweeter Than The Day Before Boogaloo 8 Days On The Road You Didn't Know It But
I Was Born To Lose Out You Had Me
The Dark End Of The
Funky Street
A.J. The Housefly

Tokyo-based Garage-Soul band WINSTONES finally release their debut album and while the CD-version is released by Radio Underground Records, the LP-version is released by Soundflat Records sister-company Topsy-Turvy Records! Over the past decade these four boys have played in numerous garage/punk/rock-bands (including legendary punk-rock band Teengenerate) before they formed this new musical project moving towards a funky, soulful New Orleans-R&B-influence, yet keeping their punk’n’roll-wildness to their sound.

These four Japanese boys sure have a lot of soul in their veins; their album “Sunshine City” consists of 14 cover versions of soul/R&B-classics. “Ain’t It A Sin” (Charles Bradley) gets you into the cool groove of the record right away and you’ll find yourself moving along to the rhythm and chanting along to the classic mod hymn “Somebody Stole My Thunder” (originally by Georgie Fame) or uptempo soul stomper “I Was Born To Lose Out” (James & Bobby Purify) or their version of “Down Home Girl” (Alvin Robinson). Unique screaming vocals by singer Motor Ken and the band’s refined sound take you through their versatile selection of tunes, that one cannot get enough of!



A:                                        B:
Introduction Shiriko's Zubizuba Rock
Enchanting Newretro World A Dream I Had In The
Dangerous Saturday Summer
Old House Boogie Fire Rock'n'Roll Tour
Kick The Girls Rock!! That Girl's Shout
Busy Busy Goodbye Heisei Era
Samehada Typhoon

SAMEHADA SHIRIKO & DYNAMITE are from Fukuoka, Japan and have played together since 2013 now, ever since released three albums and played countless explosive live-shows. The group around dynamic and beautiful singer and guitarist Shiriko, mad lead guitarist Abbey, stylish bassist Wetton and classy drummer Massiveeffect have an intense stage presence combining retro- and modern style in a fun and crazy way. Their third album “Newretrock” is just that – powerful retro-rock which
is refreshingly new at the same time.

The LP was previously released as CD (Sazanami Records) and contains 12 songs, including a coverversion of a band-favourite, “Dangerous Saturday” (originally by Japanese girl-group The Candies from the 70s) among 11 originals. It is covered in a pretty artwork, somewhat influenced by classy 60s and psychedelia. Be enchanted by the “Enchanting Newretro World”, rock and boogie along to “Old House Boogie”, shout along with “That Girl’s Shout” and finally get overwhelmed by “Samehada Typhoon”.

Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite have a highly unique, very Japanese, slightly crazy sound one can hardly compare with others, yet it is somewhere in between nostalgic Japanese Group-sounds, 80’s-“Mentai-Rock” and Girl-Garage-Punk with a few 70’s- and hardrock-influences here and there – certainly one of a kind!

Attention: Limited edition of 100 cornetto and handnumbered copies!!!


THE SINO HEARTS – Mandarin A Go-Go LP (TTR-003)

A:                                   B:
Rock'n'Roll Hurricane        Mary K 
Loveless Nights                A Way Or Another 
Mandarin A-GOGO            New Keys To Your Heart 
War Song                         Peking Vampire 
Growing Apart                  Good Night Margareten 
                                       I'll Be Waiting (feat. The Side

THE SINO HEARTS are a fabulous 70s Punk PowerPop/Garage-band based in in Peking, China. After releasing their debut album “Leave the world behind” on Monster Zero Records in Europe, Target Earth Records in Japan and Ruby Eyes Records in P.R. China, they went on
tour through Europe two times and played all over China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea sharing the stage with bands like RADIO BIRDMAN, SUPERSPAZZ and many other Rock’n’Roll groups all over the world.

Their second album “Mandarin A-GOGO” was recorded and produced in Austria, especially mixed and mastered on a vintage analogue tape machine. The album contains 10 fantastic new songs, musically among 60s Garage,70s Punk/Powerpop,Neo Mod and other outdated guitar romantics. These Chinese punkers are just incredible and will absolutely blow your minds with their powerful, fun music!


Human Toys – Spin To Win LP (TTR-002)

A:                                   B:
Don't Bury Your Dead        Dorothy Green
Secret Girl                        Let's Get High 
Don't You Piss Me Off        Centipede 
Plate In My Head              No Money No Job
Doomsday Device             You're Like A Disease
I'm In The Band               What Part Of No
Trashman                        Church of Lux
He Said Yeah

They are sexy, they are powerful, they are subversive! HUMAN TOYS is a raw punk rock duo with female vocals.

Poupée Mecanik (vocals, theremin) has a penchant for playing with female archetypes : subversion is the name of the game, flavored with a generous dose of irony.
The arrival of guitarist Jon Von, ex-Rip Offs, has transformed the band with an all-new set of punk rock somewhere between the Ramones and the Avengers !
On the forthcoming LP on Topsy-Turvy records (a division of Soundflat), the songs draw on subjects from B-movies, drugs and perversion to politics, sexism and gender freedom.

HUMAN TOYS have musically reformed since their previous record “Excuse My French” on Records Ad Nauseam and while one may find a lot less electronic/electroclash-influence in their music now, there is definitely a higher dose of wild punkrock! Whoever has had the pleasure to witness one of their fantastic live-shows around the world so far knows that they deliver full-on power and punkrock energy with a tough and seductive attitude.



LES ROBOTS – The Sound Of The Middle East 7″

A:                               B:
Cameltoe A Go-Go! Invasion Of The Ara-Bots 

 LES ROBOTS are mechanical men from outer space, presumably programmed by legendary producer Joe Meek to make astonishing instrumental music! With two 7”s and an LP released on SPAZZ Records plus several outstanding live-shows from outta space, the
musical duo (or quartet in live-shows) now delivers something oriental – their latest 7” released by TOPSY-TURVY-RECORDS (Soundflat Records daughter-label) invites you on a musical spaced-out magic-carpet-ride!

Listening to “Cameltoe A Go-Go” you can almost hear the camels grooving through the moon-desert while being hypnotised by belly-dancing genies; this song is absolutely enchanting! The B-side “Invasion Of The Ara-Bots” musically revives adventures of 1001 Nights; it’s a dramatic, exotic surf through space. You can still hear their strong musical influences of the instrumental 60s (The Shadows, The Ventures, Link Wray) that are taken to an oriental future this time in a brilliant way!



MARTIN SAVAGE AND THE JIGGERZ –  Between The Lines 7″ (TTR-45-002)

A:                               B:
Between The Lines Shooting For The Stars 

 MARTIN SAVAGE AND THE JIGGERZ are a supergroup international power trio!

We have the French-Japanese rhythm section from King Salami & the Cumberland Three, Eric Baconstrip (The Ulcers, Parkinsons, Paul Collins Beat, The Nips) & Kamikaze U.T., who also played in the Chinese Lungs together, teaming up with their old pal, Sweden’s garagepunk legend, Martin Savage (The Blacks, the Locomotions, Tokyo Knives, and a dozen more…). With the Jiggerz’ second single, shortly released after their first 7” “Time To Get Out” on Folc Records, they give you two 1970’s punk rock hits, simple, fast & straight to the point, the way it should be.

Both songs “Between The Lines” and “Shooting For Stars” are fast, loud and out-of-control wild 77 punkrock-songs to go wild to with killer guitars, absolutely mental drums and snotty, cool vocals!



THE EVIL FUZZHEADS – The Fuzz-O-Phonic Sound Of… LP (SFR-112)

A:                                      B:
So Strange So Strange I Love You More Than
Fire In Your Soul The Whole Wide World
She's Wearing Rainbows Take Me Up To Your Room
In Her Hair Make Her Mine
Love Me Now And Hate On My Mynd
Me Later Evil As Evil Can Be
Lookin' In The Face Of Evil My Hands Belong To The
You Creep Me Out Devil

THE EVIL FUZZHEADS are a fuzzy, wild trio from Brussels featuring  members of the VICE BARONS. SOUNDFLAT RECORDS is proud to release their exciting debut album “The Fuzz-O-Phonic Sound Of” now. Expect some very powerful hammond-driven fuzzy garagerock with a
heavy influence of the 60’s and a hint of psychedelia.

You will find twelve original tunes that certainly won’t disappoint! Starting off with an absolute killer-song “So Strae So Strange” that is extremely addictive and wild, you will not only go wild to songs like “She’s Wearing Rainbows In Her Hair” or “Make Her Mine”, but
you can also find slightly softer garagepsych-tunes like “You Creep Me Out” or “My Hands Belong To The Devil”.

The perfect mix for any garagehead who digs fuzzy, organdriven 60’s garage-psych-rock!

Attention: Limited edition of 100 splattered and handnumbered copies!!!


DYNAMITE PLATOON – The Fabulous Platoon LP (SFR-111)

A:                                       B:
Nihon-shu – One More Que Sera Sera
Sake (Not Beer) S-W-I-M
Old MacDonald Had A Farm Hold On I'm Coming
Bu Bu Bi Du Woo Hoo
It's So Hard (Garage)Punk Nuts
I'm Rowed Out We're Gonna Get Married
Feral Styl
Secret Agent Man Fujisan
We Better Get Ready

Dynamite Platoon come from Sendai, Japan. These crazy masked guys have played together since 2013 and have since released a couple of CDs, cassettes and a few singles and split-singles on their own label L.O.D records while playing numerous live-shows throughout Japan. After their outstandingly wild gig at the Tokyo Halloween Ball 2019, Soundflat Records simply had no other choice than to release their latest album “The Fabulous Platoon” on vinyl – and what a smashing record it is!

Expect a lo-fi raw and explosive mix of crazy garage-punk with loads of energy and a huge amount of wildness! The album includes fantastic, tough versions of 60s garage-rockers like “I’m Rowed Out” (originally by The Eyes) or punky versions of classics like “Que Sera Sera” (Doris Day), “Hold On I’m Coming” (Sam & Dave) and “Secret Agent Man” (Johnny Rivers) and mix them up with wild originals that have so much power and cool attitude, you won’t believe your ears!
The vinyl-version also comes with bonus tracks “(Garage)Punk Nuts”, “Style”, “Fujisan” and “We’re Gonna Get Married”. The raw energy these boys present on stage absolutely comes across on this album.


ROMAN AND THE ROSARYS – Going Home With… LP (SFR-110)

A:                              B:
Wade In The Water (There's A) Ghost Inside The
Confusion, Trouble Chains Of Time
And Despair
Back For More Gypsy Woman
Come Back No More Going Home Baby
Baby Don't You Weep Baby I'm Coming Home
15 Days, 15 Nights I'm Going Home

ROMAN AND THE ROSARYS channel the trance like monotony, the drama and the female worship of the Rosary prayer into 12 minor key dance numbers.

“Going home with Roman and the Rosarys“ was recorded by Jim Diamond at Living Room Sounds and features Roman Aul (REDONDO BEAT) on Vocals and Guitar, Maximilian Schneider (REDONDO BEAT) on Drums and Thomas Bruchhäuser (THE SATELLITERS) on Bass.

On their debut album they hijack early 60s Memphis and Detroit RnB numbers and twist them, in alignment with Roman Aul’s originals, into little 2 and a half minute soap operas that plea for salvation on this journey to paradise.

If it’s their captivating approach to classics such as “Wade In The Water” or “Baby Don’t You Weep” (original by FRED BRIDGES), or breathtaking one-of-a-kind tunes like “Confusion, Trouble and Despair” or “Chains Of Time” that sound both exciting and elaborate, almost like a brilliant version of NICK WATERHOUSE that meets JAMES HUNTER SIX. You’ll have no choice but to fall in love with this album from the start!


THE MINGS – Can’t Win LP (SFR-109)

A:                                  B:
Lucy Mae Had My Fill
Run Aground Stand My Ground
Nightmare Chinese Burn
I Can't Win Deadman's Hand
Rollin' & Ridin' Writing On The Wall
Ming Vs Ming

Here comes a Garage-Surf-Punk’n’Roll-trio that will blow your mind: beware of THE MINGS!! They have not just one but three secret musical weapons to offer: One is  British musical allrounder Sir Bald Diddley, who already brought to us bands like his  Rockabilly-combo “Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers”, “The Legs”, “The Beatseeking Missiles”, “The Kneejerk Reactions” and lately also his Fratrock/Surf/Exotica/Teensound-band “Sir Bald Diddley & The Ripcurls”. Number two is Dutchman Dead Elvis , who (with his One Man Grave) is the infamous king of onemanband zombie rock’n’roll. The third secret weapon of THE MINGS is Brazilian Marky Wildstone, mastermind behind Wildstone Productions & Records and drummer of legendary surf-combo THE DEAD ROCKS. In THE MINGS they teamed up to play some great primal Garage/Surf/Punk’n’Roll to go wild to!

Expect some raw, screaming killer-tunes out of the garage – snotty, wild and Lofi-surfy tunes that are cool, crazy and fun at the same time! If it’s catchy hit-tunes like “Had My Fill” and the title-song “I Can’t Win”, or hot instrumentals like “Ming Vs Ming” – you’ll certainly find no fillers on this album!

So get ready to enjoy this fantastic debut of transcontinental garage-rock-trio THE MINGS!!




A:                                  B:
Too Far Speed Of Light
Bad Man Laserbrain
Last Call Before The World Bloes Up
Cesspool Strange Words
City Sun After The Money's Gone

New York City’s THE ELECTRIC MESS returns with a bang on their fifth album, „The Electric Mess V“.
Formed in 2007, the band is fueled by 60s garage, 70s punk and hard rock, psychedelia, and New Wave. They have toured throughout Europe and the States, putting on tight and electrifying live shows. Led by the chameleon-like front-woman, Esther Crow (vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion), with Oweinama Biu (keyboards, vocals), Dan Crow (guitar), Derek Davidson (bass), and Alan J. Camlet (drums, vocals), THE ELECTRIC MESS has taken their songwriting to the next level on this record, taking the listener on a melodious trip over the course of its 10 tracks, with all of their influences on display. It was recorded and mixed at Hoboken Recorders by Alan J. Camlet, and mastered by Jim

Side one opens with „Too Far,“ a fine slice of West Coast folk/psych, with layered guitars and soaring vocal harmonies, and the tough Brit-Invasion type R&B of „Bad Man,“ followed by the dark psych pop
of „Last Call,“ with its haunting choruses and break. The band adds synthesizer to the mix this time out, prominently featured on the New Wave garage punk rocker „Cesspool,“ and on „City Sun,“ the dystopian proto-punk ripper that closes side one. Side two opens with „Speed of Light,“ a space metal/punk barn burner that Hawkwind might have been proud to call their own, and the slow jam „Laserbrain,“ with acid fried guitars and swirling organs. „Before the World Blows Up“ is darker surf punk that asks a serious question for today, while „Strange Words“ is the angry love child of The Stooges and Blue Oyster Cult. The album closer, „After the Money’s Gone,“ is mellower psych-rock that darkens with time and repeat-listens and an apocalyptic outro.

„From harmony-laden hard folk to psych-pop, the ingredients of their sound lead to tracks like the Nederbeat soundalike „Last Call“ and then switch back to the punkier Johnny Thunders vibe of „Cesspool“. The band is certainly no one trick pony… If heavy psych/rock is your thang, check it out.“ (Shindig!)

„With three excellent songwriters, fierce playing, and urgent vocals, The Electric Mess are contemporary and forward looking, yet planted firmly in the great tradition of Nuggets styled garage rock.“ (Sal Maida, bassist, Sparks, Roxy Music, Cracker)


HIGH OCTANE BOYS – The Change I Need  7″ (SFR-45-053)

A:                                  B:
The Change I Need Down On Boring Street

HIGH OCTANE BOYS are currently the top 60´s garage rock band in Norway. The group, consisting of veterans from the Norwegian surf/garage scene, started off playing a rawer kind of instrumental rock that gradually turned into a wild mix of fuzz and farfisa with fantastic vocals.

When looking at their brand-new 45 “The Change I Need”, covered in a stylish 60s-styeartwork displaying their current line-up in outlines, it immediately becomes obvious what their music is all about and where the boys draw their inspiration from – namely all these fantastic 60s Garagepunk-pioneers such as THE MUSIC MACHINE, but also organ-driven fuzzy garage-revival-bands from the 80s till now.

“The Change I Need” will absolutely take you away – what a mighty sound with a heavy fuzzguitar, wild farfisa, a strong beat and vocals! This is downright fantastic songwriting reminding one of the likes of THE SATELLITERS.

But don’t be scared, the B-side “Down On Boring Street” does not at all take you to musical Boring Street, but it does just the opposite! It is a catchy Garage-dancer with a fine beat that you’ll find yourself playing repeatedly.

“The Change I Need” by HIGH OCTANE BOYS – a highly exciting must-have 7” for any lover of garagepunk-music!


THE SMOGGERS – Lo Que Daría Yo 7″ (SFR-45-052)

A:                                  B:
Lo Que Daría Yo Recuerdes Para Mí

Not long after the recent release of their sixth LP, the wild Spanish garagepunkcombo THE SMOGGERS present you with their latest single “Lo Que Daría Yo”. The 7” is a fantastic extra to perfectly complement the album musically. You get two fine Spanish garagepunk-tunes with a heavy dose of fuzz-guitar, screaming vocals, a crazy organ and a lot of wildness!

“Lo Que Daría Yo” is a highly addictive, honest garagepunk-song that has a lot of 80’s Garage-revival to it. And the flipside of the 45 is even wilder, starting off with a captivating fuzz-sound, which is followed by a catchy melody spiced up with hammond organ, a punkrock-harmonica and screaming vocals.

This 45 is ideal for spinning at maximum volume on your wildest garagepunkrockparties to set the dancefloor on fire!


THE MINNESOTA VOODOO MEN – Voodoo Stomp 7″ (SFR-45-051)

A:                          B:
Voodoo Stomp Ikimochi

THE MINNESOTA VOODOO MEN formed in 1998 in Tachikawa near Fussa, the capital of garage rock/group sound in Japan. They have since not only developed a unique and absolutely fantastic lofi-garage-surf-beat-sound but also built their infamous reputation as mindblowing live-act while touring throughout Japan as well as all over Europe displaying crazy yet stylish Japanese “Merseybeatle” Ringo, wild drummer Pete and frantic guitarist Fabian playing his guitar virtuosically while hanging upside-down from the ceiling.

After their several first releases on Japanese labels and their LPs (“s/t” and “Shake Your Mind”) and lastly their 45 (“Don’t Come Around”) on Soundflat Records, this brand new 7” “Voodoo Stomp” is their first release since 2012 and it was definitely worth the wait! The title-song “Voodoo Stomp” is an extremely catchy, cool 60’s-beat-tune while the B-side is a live-recording of “Iikimochi”, a slightly calmer ballad. Both songs have Japanese lyrics and of course they have that raw Voodoomen-sound that we all love, containing Ringo’s rough
voice, a wild guitar and a stomping beat.

Finally here it is: a new piece of hit-vinyl by our favourite Japanese Garage/Beat/Surf’n’Rolltrio!!



A:                                  B:
Corner Of My Eye Monkey Do
Witchdoctor Blues Lakeside Drive
Storm Take The Lot
The Savage Girl You Know
Ain't Goin' Nowhere Swamped!
Goodtime Charlie Moonshine

Wailin‘ Rhythm’n’Blues ravers THE BREADMAKERS from Melbourne, Australia first formed back in 1989 and brought to us an explosive mixture of Garagerock Revival and rockin‘ Rhythm’n’Blues. Featuring members of SHUTDOWN 66, THE BO-WEEVILS and THE PURITANS, these boys have long gained cult status in the Garagepunk-scene
Now after a longer break they release their brand new LP on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS.

Starting of with the wild tune “Corner Of My Eye”, you get drawn to their catchy Garagepunk’n’Roll immediately. Expect a wild guitar, a bluesy harmonica, stomping beat, a screechy organ and some screaming vocals combined with haunting melodie Except for their version of “Ain’t Goin‘ Nowhere”, a heavy 60’s Garagefuzz-tune
originally by DANNY BURKE AND THE INVADERS and a wild finishing cover of the Aussie garage classic “Moonshine”, which is originally by THE MARKSMEN, the album contains only fantastic BREADMAKERS-originals that will capture you from beginning to end.

Amazing new hit-album by Garagerock-legends THE BREADMAKERS!


THE HIGHMARTS – Hey Boy 7″ (SFR-45-050)

A:                       B:
Hey Boy Tallahassee Lassie

Formed in Tokyo in 2013, three young girls are continuing the tradition of Japanese garage rock. Taking inspiration from the 60s ‘Group Sound’ through to 70s punk, THE HIGHMARTS will outdo all the boys with their primitive fuzz guitar sound.

After their sold-out first CD “Early Recordings” on Sazanami Records and their fabulous debut 7” “I Want You Bad” on Radio Underground Records, they now serve us another brilliant 7” on Soundflat Records: “Hey Boy”, that does not only look great but it certainly also sounds it!

The title-song is a HIGHMARTS-original showing off a very authentic 60s-Garage-sound with a powerful guitar, a fantastic beat and Japanese vocals with great harmonies. It just makes you want to dance instantly!

The B-side is a coverversion of the Rock’n’Roll classic “Tallahassee Lassie” (Freddy Cannon), performed in a cool 60s-garage-girl-way that only leaves you longing for more!

Make sure you get yourselves this fantastic new 7” by Japanese newcomer Garage-girl-trio THE HIGHMARTS!!