For more than 10 years we have been celebrating our label-fest, first in Leipzig, Germany, now in Cologne, Germany! Except for the warm-up party we have only bands on stage with a release on Soundflat Records! 1 – 2 other bands play at the warm-up party every year. We also  have the best international 60’s and Mod-DJs from now playing their rare and original 45s after the bands. On top of that we also organise specials every year, like Go-Go Dancers, Bowling Party, TramRide- and BusRide Partys, R’n’R Minigolf special and much more!
Along with this event we also release our annual compilation CD with tracks by the performing Soundflat-bands.

Here you find the information for the upcoming event:




BIG NEWS!!! – Vote for one of the bands for the Ballroom Bash-line-up in 2018!


Hi Bashers,

about our labelfest that will take place again between the 25th and 28th of October, it’s time to announce our amazing band line-up for the Ballroom Bash Vol. 12 in 2018!
We’ve worked again on an international Line-Up with many bands playing an exclusive show in Germany! Here we go:

– 1more after the election!!!
+ tba (advance party)

And now the BIG NEWS!!!
After 11 years we will have one of the bands on Soundflat Records which played on the Ballroom Bash in the past on stage again!
And it’s much more exciting, because you, THE BASHERS, have the chance to vote for this band!
For the election we assembled a small pre-selection of bands! Each Basher has the chance to vote one time for one of the bands in a pm here or to: with the subject line “vote 2018”! The election will be finished on the 31st of May! After this we will announce the band with the most votes and the sixth band for the Ballroom Bash-line-up in 2018!
Here the choice of the Bands:

– The Smoggers (ESP)
– King Salami & The Cumberlad 3 (UK)
– The Imperial Surfers (ESP)
– The Gentlemen’s Agreements (F)
– Los Glurps (ESP)
– The Stags (UK)
– The Satelliters (GER)
– Las Aspiradoras (ESP)

Let’s start with the voting now!!!!!

For any questions about the Ballroom Bash please write to:


In the past we had the following bands on stage:


The Incredible Staggers / The Kaisers / The Monsters / The Rapiers / The Montesas & Montesitas / The Neatbeats / The High Learys / King Salami & The Cumberland 3 / The Imperial Surfers / Fuad & The Feztones / The Mergers / The Norvins / Los Glurps!! / The Stags / The Satelliters / Les Playboys / Baron Four / Cecilia & The Sauerkrauts / The New Piccadillys / Moonrite / The Rapiers / The Omens / The Minnesota Voodoo Men / The Gentlemen’s Agreements / The Waistcoats / The  Smoggers / The Electric Mess / Los Retrovisores / Janey & The Ravemen / The Shook-Ups / The Cool Jerks / The No-Things / The Cayman Kings / Autoramas / The Fadeaways / The Bad Beats / The Shakers / Tuna Tacos / The Hi-Class Joes / Las Aspiradoras / Peter Berry & The Shake Set / Les Kitschenette’s / Curlee Wurlee / Slow Slushy Boys / The Felines / Muck & The Mires / Cavemen V / Dr. Explosion / Trashmonkeys / The Branded / Wild Evel & The Trashbones / The Mystic Brew / Les Braqueurs / Kommando Beat / The Moonstones / The Jackets / The Giant Robots / The Royal Roosters / Jon & The Vons / Adolphe Sex Et Ses Machines / The Boonaraaas!!! / The Link Quartet / Ray Daytona & The GooGooBombos / The Kumari / The Titty Twisters Orchestra / B D Kay & The Roller Coaster


The Freaks Of Nature / Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E / Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples / Chrome Reverse / The Kryng / Midnight Kings / Dead Beat Boogies / Royal Hangmen / Maggie’s Marshmallows / The Outlettes / One Fathom Down / Speedball Jr.